• Sai Varma Manthena

    Sai Varma Manthena

  • ß


  • Israel Bayode

    Israel Bayode

    A Data Scientist, Full-Stack Software Engineer, Operations Research Analyst, Project Manager, serial entrepreneur, human rights activist, and life coach.

  • Parvathy Krishnan

    Parvathy Krishnan

    Lead Data Scientist | CTO at Analytics for a Better World | Public Sector Consultant

  • Illaleramraj


  • Vanessa Fotso

    Vanessa Fotso

    Health IT Software Engineer with broad technical exposure and passion for learning.

  • Adam Winstanley

    Adam Winstanley

    I am a positive future thinker. I love science, technology, manufacturing, Architecture and innovative creative endeavour that engages and inspires.

  • Rekhachalloju


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