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What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a commonly used methodology in eCommerce to test new features or products. This is a process of making data-driven decisions for user interface, marketing, and overall products. The main process is to split the users into the control group and experiment group. Then allot the existing products…

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Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) are one of the states of the art algorithm in deep learning especially good for sequential data. It is used in many high-profile applications including Google’s voice search and Apple's Siri. The reason it became so popular is its internal memory. RNNs are the first deep…

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Exploratory data analysis is very important to understanding a dataset properly. It is even important for machine learning. I have a few exploratory data analysis projects published before. But this time I am taking a big dataset. Let’s see how it goes.

I am going to use a public dataset…

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Convolutional Neural Network is a great tool for Image classification. It can perform other artificial intelligence tasks as well. But this article will focus primarily on image recognition. I have a detailed article on how a forward pass of a Convolutional Neural Network works and also how to implement a…

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Matplotlib is arguably the most popular visualization library in Python. Also, some other higher-end libraries are also built on Matplotlib. I have a few articles on Matplotlib visualization techniques. Please feel free to check them out. I have the links at the bottom of this page.

This article will focus…

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Graduated from Boston University with MS in Applied Data Analytics. Read my blog:

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